2018 Conferences – save the dates!

All the dates are now live for our 2018 conferences!

The Leaders Conference, for anyone in a leadership position in their churches, is taking place 12–13 January at the Croydon Park Hotel. Please note this is roughly a week earlier than it usually falls in the Ichthus calendar!

The Worship, Prayer and Fasting Conference will be happening 6–8 March at Ashburnham Place in East Sussex. This is a wonderful opportunity for intercessors and worship leaders and team members to come away with the Lord, seek him and be refreshed by him.

And of course there’s Revive! Since our wonderful 2017 event, so many people have been asking for the dates for 2018. Revive will be taking place 28 July – 4 August at Ashburnham Place in East Sussex.

We’re really pleased to be able to let you know at this stage the dates for all our 2018 conferences. We will bring out more details about each one as the months go on, but for now we hope you can get the time blocked out in your diary so you can join us next year.