Right Through the Bible


An account of the ministry, death and resurrection of Jesus, written down by a scribe on behalf of one of Jesus’ closest disciples, Peter. This fast-paced book emphasises Jesus’ healing, miracles and encounters with demons.

Roger Forster

1 Chapter 1-2

deliverance, demonic, divinity, evil spirits, exorcism, healing, home, kingdom, miracles, repentance, spiritual warfare, the cross, wilderness
Mark 1:1–2:28

Roger Forster

2 Chapter 2-5

blasphemy, conflict, healing, Holy Spirit, Jesus, kingdom, law, sabbath, wine
Mark 2:1–5:43

Roger Forster

3 Chapter 4-5

Galilee, kingdom, parable of the sower, parables
Mark 4:1–5:43

Roger Forster

4 Chapter 6-9

confession, discipleship, feeding the 5000, humility, kingdom, Peter, service, the cross
Mark 6:1–9:50

Roger Forster

5 Chapter 9-13

authority, children, death, discipleship, divorce, fire, freedom, gehenna, judgment, kingdom, marriage, prophecy, resurrection, servanthood
Mark 9:30–13:37

Roger Forster

6 Chapter 13-16

abomination of desolation, apocalyptic, Daniel, end times, eschatology, fall of Jerusalem, kingdom, second coming
Mark 13:1–16:20

Roger Forster

7 Chapter 14-16

atonement, garden of Gethsemane, incarnation, Israel, kingdom, punishment, sin, the cross, trinity, wrath of God
Mark 14:32–16:20

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