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Luke, a physician who was Paul’s companion in the book of Acts, records his account of the birth, life, death and resurrection of Jesus. Written in a more historical and methodical way than the other gospel accounts, the book focuses on the humanity of Jesus and recounts in detail his encounters with individuals.

Roger Forster

1 Overview

genealogy, Holy Spirit, house of David, humanity, messiah, parables

Roger Forster

2 Chapter 2

angels, Anna, birth of Jesus, genealogy, history, manger, Mary, peace, salvation, shepherds, Simeon, temple
Luke 2:1–52

Roger Forster

3 Chapter 4-6

12 disciples, Capernaum, discipleship, healing, Jesus, jubilee, kingdom, Matthew, Nazareth, Peter, racism, sabbath, teaching
Luke 4:14–6:16

Roger Forster

4 Chapter 8-9

confession, Elijah, Exodus, feeding the 5000, lampstand, Moses, parable of the sower, parables, power, transfiguration, word of God
Luke 8:1–9:62

Roger Forster

5 Chapter 12-14

banquet, baptism, discernment, fire, healing, judgment, parables, repentance, responsibility, sabbath, second coming
Luke 12:1–14:35

Roger Forster

6 Chapter 16-17

afterlife, death, faith, forgiveness, hades, loyalty, parables, pride, rich man and Lazarus, stumbling
Luke 16:1–17:37

Roger Forster

7 Chapter 18-21

eschatology, fig tree, goodness, house of David, Jerusalem, king, marriage, parable of the talents, parable of the tenants, parables, prophecy, resurrection, teaching, triumphal entry, Zacchaeus
Luke 18:18–21:38

Roger Forster

8 Chapter 22-23

betrayal, crucifixion, denial, garden of Gethsemane, Jesus, Peter, prayer, the cross, trial
Luke 22:1–23:56

Roger Forster

9 Justice Passages

church, incarnation, Isaiah, justice, Luke, righteousness, sabbath
Luke 4:1–7:50, Isaiah 58:1–62:12

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