Right Through the Bible

2 Corinthians

Paul follows up on his letter to Corinth with an encouragement about the future, Jesus’ return and the resurrection of the dead. He urges them to live with eternity in mind so they can be among the first to be raised when Jesus comes again.

Roger Forster

1 Overview

Corinth, covenant, Holy Spirit, money, Paul, perfection, servant songs, service

Roger Forster

2 Chapter 1-4

anointing, church discipline, clay, conscience, Corinth, forgiveness, freedom, Paul, suffering, the body, veil

Roger Forster

3 Chapter 4-7

body soul spirit, Corinth, early church, judgment, persecution, perseverence, reconciliation, relationship

Roger Forster

4 Chapter 9-11

authority, blessing, Corinth, false apostles, false teaching, giving, money, obedience

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