Right Through the Bible

1 Kings

David’s son Solomon becomes king next. He asks for special wisdom from God and therefore becomes very successful. He builds a beautiful temple for the worship of God. After Solomon dies, Israel divides into the northern (Israel) and southern (Judah) kingdoms. A series of kings take on Israel, others Judah, all doing evil in God’s eyes. God raises up the prophet Elijah to warn His people to turn back to Him.

Roger Forster

1 Overview

David, divided kingdom, Elijah, Elisha, Israel, Judah, kings, prophets, Solomon

Roger Forster

2 Prophetic Elijah

Elijah, Elisha, Jezebel, John the Baptist, prophecy, prophetic ministry, transfiguration

Roger Forster

3 Overview of Samuel Kings and Chronicles

anointing, David, king, kingdom, Samuel, Saul, Solomon

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