Right Through the Bible

1 Samuel

This tells the story of the birth of Samuel the prophet and how he anointed the first king over Israel, Saul, who turned away from God and so God raised up David to be a hero among God’s people and fight to save them from God’s enemies.

Roger Forster

1 1 Samuel - Overview

anointing, David, Jonathan, king, kingdom, Samuel, Saul

Roger Forster

2 Session 1 - Introduction

Eli, faith, family, fatherhood, Hannah, intercession, motherhood, parenthood, perseverence, prayer
1 Samuel 1:1–2:36

Roger Forster

3 Session 2 - Ordination

calling, charismatic, leadership, ministry, ordination, recognition, Samuel, status, submission, youth
1 Samuel 3:1–4:22

Roger Forster

4 Overview of Samuel Kings and Chronicles

anointing, David, Jonathan, king, kingdom, Samuel, Saul, Solomon

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