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2 Kings

Elijah passes on his prophetic and miraculous anointing to Elisha who continues to help God’s people and warn the rulers to worship God. More wicked kings come and go – only two are considered righteous in God’s eyes.

Roger Forster

1 Overview

David, house of David, kings, prophecy, Solomon

Roger Forster

2 Session 1 - Elijah's Mantle

anointing, Bethel, double portion, Elijah, Elisha, firstborn, Gilgal, Jericho, Jordan, mantle, prophecy, prophetic ministry
2 Kings 2:1–25

Roger Forster

3 Session 2 - Elijahs Opposition

anointing, Bethel, cursing, Elijah, Elisha, firstborn, Holy Spirit, immaturity
2 Kings 2:15–25

Roger Forster

4 Session 3 - Elisha Ministers Change

Bethel, Elijah, Elisha, fruitfulness, Gilgal, Holy Spirit, Jericho, mantle, miracles, spiritual discipline

Roger Forster

5 Session 4 - Death of Elijah

cloud, Elijah, Elisha, mantle, spiritual discipline, transfiguration

Roger Forster

6 Overview of Samuel Kings and Chronicles

anointing, David, king, kingdom, Samuel, Saul, Solomon

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