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After the temple is rebuilt, God stirs Nehemiah to pray that the exiles might return to Jerusalem and be God’s people again. So, he ends up getting permission from the foreign king to rebuild the city. It is a huge, demoralising job, but in spite of their enemies, they manage it.

Faith Forster

1 Overview

Ezra, Haggai, Jerusalem, Nehemiah, overview, rebuilding, remnant, repentance, walls, word of God, worship

Roger Forster

2 Session 1

church, Ezra, Jerusalem, leadership, nations, Nehemiah, rebuilding, walls

Roger Forster

3 Session 2

attack, covenant, enemies, Ezra, false accusations, fear, festival of booths, Jerusalem, Nehemiah, rebuilding, walls, word of God

Roger Forster

4 Session 3

blood, dedication, Hebrews, holy of holies, Jerusalem, Levites, mediator, Nehemiah, new covenant, sacrifice, walls, worship
Nehemiah 12:1–47

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