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The story of a man who loves and serves God so much that the devil hates him. Satan challenges God that people on earth only serve Him when He blesses them, so God allows Satan to test Job’s faithfulness. There are many big questions in the book about how suffering, but ultimately Job finds God sustains him and restores to him more than he lost.

Roger Forster

1 Overview

behemoth, heavenly council, Isaiah, Job, kinsman-redeemer, leviathan, messiah, overview, Satan, servant songs, suffering

Roger Forster

2 Session 1 - Suffering

almighty, God is love, heavenly council, injustice, Job, loss, love, pain, philosophy, Satan, suffering, theodicy, worship
Job 1:1–2:13

Roger Forster

3 Session 2 - Heavenly Council and Earthly Counsel

anger, Bildad, Elihu, Eliphaz, emotion, experience, heavenly council, Holy Spirit, Job, mind, reason, suffering, tradition, truth, Zophar

Roger Forster

4 Session 3 - Revelation Through Suffering

ascension, church history, creation, crucifixion, denominations, incarnation, Job, kinsman-redeemer, Old Testament, redemption, resurrection, suffering, witness

Roger Forster

5 Session 4 - Revelation of Suffering

behemoth, clay, creation, death, firstborn, Job, leviathan, prize, restoration, Revelation, rewards, spiritual warfare, suffering

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