Right Through the Bible


Israel had turned away from God and everyone did what was right in his own eyes. There was no real leadership, but God kept raising up different leaders, or judges, to save His people from their oppressors and turn them back to Him.

Roger Forster

1 Overview

idolatry, immorality, revival, Samson, women

Roger Forster

2 Session 1 - Introduction

Holy Spirit, inheritance, Jesus, justice, repentance, revival, spiritual warfare
Judges 1:1–2:23

Roger Forster

3 Session 2 - Othniel and Ehud

Ehud, Othniel, overcomers, revival
Judges 2:1–3:31

Roger Forster

4 Session 3 - Deborah and Gideon

courage, Deborah, Gideon, Holy Spirit, idolatry, miracles, prophecy, revival, spiritual warfare, suffering, women

Roger Forster

5 Session 4 - You Shall Obey the Lord

12 Tribes, camels, Holy Spirit, light, spiritual warfare, temptation, victory
Judges 7:1–8:35

Roger Forster

6 Session 5 - Gideon Refuses to be King

Abimelech, false teaching, Gideon, leadership, revival
Judges 8:1–9:57

Roger Forster

7 Session 6 - The Birth of Samson

holiness, Jephithah, Nazirite, rejection, sacrifice, Samson

Roger Forster

8 Session 7 - The Faith and Actions of Samson

crucifixion, Holy Spirit, Jesus, John 14, power, Samson, victory

Roger Forster

9 Session 8 - Right in Their Own Eyes

Benjamin, Dan, idolatry, immorality, injustice, Levites, Micah, priests, rape, relationship, religion, unrighteousness

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