Recordings tagged with ‘children’


Roger Forster

Matthew: Chapter 17-18

children, congregation, discipleship, kingdom, miracles, status, temple, the church
Matthew 17:24–18:6
8 October 20108/10/10


Roger Forster

What Jesus Said About…: What Jesus Said About Women and Children

children, Jesus, women
28 February 201028/2/10


Roger Forster

Mark: Chapter 9-13

authority, children, death, discipleship, divorce, fire, freedom, gehenna, judgment, kingdom, marriage, prophecy, resurrection, servanthood
Mark 9:30–13:37
15 February 200615/2/06


Roger Forster

Ephesians: Session 4

children, inheritance, kingdom, marriage, redemption, relationship, sexuality, spiritual warfare
Ephesians 5:1–6:24
12 April 200412/4/04


Roger Forster

John: Chapter 1

children, fellowship, grace, incarnation, law, light, the Word
John 1:1–51
21 April 200321/4/03


Roger Forster

Matthew: Chapter 18

children, discipleship, relationship, stumbling, the church
Matthew 18:1–35
14 January 199714/1/97


Roger Forster

Proverbs: Jesus and Proverbs

children, fear of the Lord, Holy Spirit, Jesus, parenthood, wisdom
10 October 198810/10/88

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