Recordings tagged with ‘justice’


Wes Sutton

What Jesus Said About…: What Jesus Said About Crime and Justice

crime, Jesus, justice
14 February 201014/2/10


Roger Forster

Psalms: Psalms Relating to Jesus - Part 3

atonement, cross, Jesus, justice, kingdom, prophecy, righteousness, security, suffering, worship
10 June 200910/6/09


Roger Forster

Luke: Justice Passages

church, incarnation, Isaiah, justice, Luke, righteousness, sabbath
Luke 4:1–7:50, Isaiah 58:1–62:12
24 January 200724/1/07


Roger Forster

Isaiah: Justice Passages

incarnation, justice, sabbath
24 January 200724/1/07


Roger Forster

Matthew: Matthew and the Kingdom, Part Two

Holy Spirit, justice, kingdom, law, peace, pharisees, prophecy, righteousness, teaching
11 March 200511/3/05


Roger Forster

Psalms: Psalms of Ascent - Part 2

deliverance, disaster, guidance, justice, miracles, mountain, peace, protection, psalms of ascent, righteousness, salvation, service, spiritual warfare, Zion
6 March 20056/3/05


Roger Forster

Obadiah: Overview

Edom, judgment, justice
6 November 20046/11/04


Roger Forster

Job: Session 1 - Suffering

almighty, God is love, heavenly council, injustice, Job, loss, love, pain, philosophy, Satan, suffering, theodicy, worship
Job 1:1–2:13
19 August 200219/8/02


Roger Forster

Amos: Overview

day of the Lord, judgment, justice, nations
13 August 200013/8/00


Roger Forster

Judges: Session 8 - Right in Their Own Eyes

Benjamin, Dan, idolatry, immorality, injustice, Levites, Micah, priests, rape, relationship, religion, unrighteousness
12 May 199112/5/91


Roger Forster

Judges: Session 1 - Introduction

Holy Spirit, inheritance, Jesus, justice, repentance, revival, spiritual warfare
Judges 1:1–2:23
21 October 199021/10/90


Roger Forster

Leviticus: Session 8 - Love Your Neighbour

crucifixion, enemies, family, justice, justification, life, love, mercy, neighbour, penalty, sin, warning
22 July 198522/7/85

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