Recordings tagged with ‘power’


Faith Forster

The Church – Where Heaven and Earth Meet: The Powerful Church

agreements, church, forgiveness, love, power, prayer
26 April 200926/4/09


Roger Forster

Romans: Overview

ashamed, power, righteousness, salvation, sin, sinfulness, the gospel, the law
18 November 200818/11/08


Roger Forster

Daniel: Session 3 - Chapter 4-7

Babylon, Belshazzar, Cyrus, Darius, dreams, immorality, interpretation, king, lion, Nebuchadnezzar, new Jerusalem, power, prophecy, son of man, tree
23 April 200823/4/08


Roger Forster

Luke: Chapter 8-9

confession, Elijah, Exodus, feeding the 5000, lampstand, Moses, parable of the sower, parables, power, transfiguration, word of God
Luke 8:1–9:62
14 April 200214/4/02


Roger Forster

Romans: Session 2

evangelism, humanity, power, provision, purpose, sin, sinfulness, strength, the gospel
Romans 1:1–32
1 March 20021/3/02


Roger Forster

Romans: Session 1

ashamed, belief, gospel, Jews and gentiles, justification, mission, power, salvation, sin
Romans 1:16–17
1 March 20021/3/02


Roger Forster

Matthew: Chapter 7-9

death, disaster, discipleship, disease, power, prayer, sermon on the mount
Matthew 7:1–9:17
8 May 19988/5/98


Roger Forster

Judges: Session 7 - The Faith and Actions of Samson

crucifixion, Holy Spirit, Jesus, John 14, power, Samson, victory
21 April 199121/4/91

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