UPDATES: We will post information as and when necessary

Sunday 15th March 2020

1- A number of people across our fellowship have symptoms from viral illnesses that are strongly suggestive of COVID-19. One person to our knowledge is in hospital and tests have been done, but no results are available yet.

2- For this reason
a. we are cancelling our morning meetings today
b. we are cancelling tonight’s Celebration

3- As information becomes available, we will be contacting your local leaderships

4- We will keep this web information as up to date as possible, but if you have general concerns, then contact NHS 111

5- Your congregational and house group leaders will keep you abreast of what is and is not happening in your own areas


1- We are praying that the pandemic is contained and that none of our brothers and sisters who become infected will die and that all recover speedily to full health;

2- We are following the guidance from the NHS in our areas (linked congregations in Scotland and Northern Ireland will have slightly different guidance);

3- Here is a very simple guide to the differences between covid-19, a cold and flu.

4- We are making decisions about church meetings etc. daily and you will be able to find out about these through your house-group and congregation leaders;

5- Finally, apart from praying, remember that the vast majority of otherwise healthy people will either not know that they have been infected or suffer the symptoms of a viral infection. It is the elderly and frail who need our protection and care, and especially those with chronic chest conditions. Keep an eye open for them and their needs and wash your hands.

6- Please use the two provided prayers of protection to pray over yourself, your family and everyone in the movement.

Meditation on Protection from Coronavirus (download as PDF)

Prayer from Roger and Faith Forster (download as PDF)