Celebrations are an essential part of our shared life of worship. As we come together with one heart and one voice we are tangibly expressing what the church is, a temple made of living stones (Ephesians 2:20–21). At our celebrations we take a longer time to worship together than we would on a Sunday morning. As we sing loud and joyful praise to God (like Psalm 47) we also make space for him to intimately fill every bit of us, his spiritual temple, with his holy presence. We expect him to speak to us in prophetic songs and music, and out of the scriptures; we expect him to touch individuals, to touch his church and to show us his heart for the world he made and loves. Our times of worship are often full of faith-filled declaration, intercession and spiritual warfare. Celebrations are deep, powerful and loads of fun. Don’t miss them!
Henry George, Ichthus worship leader

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