Recordings tagged with ‘family’

Roger Forster

1 Samuel: Session 1 - Introduction

Eli, faith, family, fatherhood, Hannah, intercession, motherhood, parenthood, perseverence, prayer
1 Samuel 1:1–2:36
1 November 19911/11/91

Roger Forster

Numbers: Session 15 - Journey Into Inheritance

cities of refuge, family, freedom, history, inheritance, leadership, Levites, life, promised land
16 September 198716/9/87

Roger Forster

Leviticus: Session 11 - The Year of Jubilee

atonement, debt, family, freedom, grace, inheritance, jubilee, Moravians, rest, sabbath, trumpets
12 December 198512/12/85

Roger Forster

Leviticus: Session 8 - Love Your Neighbour

crucifixion, enemies, family, justice, justification, life, love, mercy, neighbour, penalty, sin, warning
22 July 198522/7/85

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