Jesus in the church, in creation, in conquest and in consummation. (39mins)
The overcoming Christ and the defeat of the Beast and his armies. (70mins)
Satan is bound and the overcomers reign during the millennium. (52mins)
The Great White Throne of Judgment. (46mins)
New Jerusalem and its meaning to us today. (73mins)
An extra session, recorded in 1986, looking at Jesus's prophetic words in Matthew 24-28. (57mins)
The role of the overcomers as a catalyst to the church to hasten the return of Jesus. (45mins)
The apocalyptic horsemen emerge as the seals are broken and the church comes out of the Great Tribulation. (54mins)
The seven trumpets with their revelation of spirit forces, and the final triumph of the kingdom. From Revelation chapters 8, 9 and 11. (40mins)
The overcomers proclaim the gospel to all the earth, and then the end comes. From Matthew 24:14; Revelation 10, 11:1-14. (55mins)