Day Of Salvation

Ben Trigg

© 2014

Day Of Salvation started life as a simple chorus – as so many things do. It was two days before Revive 2014. We were looking forward to hosting Carlos Annacondia, renowned Argentinian revivalist. I was thinking on the theme of salvation, and the power of declaring with Paul that "now is the day of salvation" (2 Cor 6:2), and realised that we needed a song! Out popped a couple of verses the same day, and the next day a bridge – right in time for the Monday night of Revive!




This is the day of salvation
The kingdom of God is here
This is the hour of his favour
His Spirit and power are here

When you call, he will answer
When you turn, he will welcome
In your sorrow, he will comfort
Turn your mourning into joy

Are you broken? He will heal you
He will water when you’re dry
Are you looking for provision?
O my God, he shall supply!

Come as you are
You will be changed
Give him your heart
You will never be the same!