Face to Face

Ben Trigg

© 2014

I don't remember what triggered the first thought of this song, but the idea of being led up the mountain, like Moses, was an early idea in the development of the song. The accounts in Exodus 32-4 have often moved me as I have read about Moses, the 'friend of God' coming 'face to face' with him - an idea that's seen in Exodus 33:11 (and you feel, despite the negative, in 33:18-34:9). So I turned it into a prayer with a response for, hopefully, every believer to begin to express - I love to be "in your presence - face to face."




Lead me up Lord to your mountain
Let me come within the cloud
Give me clean hands and a pure heart
May my feet find holy ground

As your favour rests upon me
Show your glory, Lord I pray
Hide me in the Rock of Ages
On your mountain I will stay

Face to face I love to be
In your presence, in your presence
Face to face, where I am free
In your presence, in your presence

Brought to kneel in adoration
Hands held high in loving praise
Worship rises, sweetest incense
As your glory fills this place

Earth and heaven sweetly mingle
Lost in awe, what can I say?
May my heart be ever fixed here
Help me never rush away