It Is Good To Give Thanks

Tim Lings, Tory Gordon, Joel Todd, Charis Todd, Seren Garner

© 2013

During a team devotional on a mission trip in Asia, we were looking at Psalm 92. I sang some of the psalm out prophetically, and others in the team reckoned I should have a go at turning it into a song. So I sat down with a guitar and the chord sequence from earlier and bashed out the song. The rest of the team then worked on the lyrics, adding in some ideas from psalm 78, with our prayer that the 'coming generation' of children and young people in the nation would rise up to know and follow Jesus. - Tim Lings



It is good to give thanks to the Lord
And sing praises to his name
To declare his lovingkindness in the morning
And his faithfulness by night

With our hearts bowed down
And our voices raised
We will lift our song of praise

For you o Lord have made us glad
By all, all you have done
And we will sing for joy
Joy at the works
The works of your hands
The works of your hands

So we sing to this coming generation
You were made to praise the Lord
Raise a shout, let it ring through the nation
Revelation light must shine

Till the trumpet sounds
And the Lord returns
To bring in his kingdom reign