Jesus I Have Never Seen

Jon Darby

© 2013

"Recently I watched a clip of the crucifixion scene from 'The Bible' mini-series which has been popular in America. I've seen other parts of the series which I've not been too sure about, but I was so impacted by what I saw--especially the interaction between Jesus and His mother before He takes up the cross--that I was moved to tears. I wrote the words of this song as a response. As verse 2 says, even though I've been a follower of Jesus for many years, it was as though I had felt the shock and trauma and seen the depth of the love of God at the cross for the first time." - Jon Darby




Jesus, I have never seen
A life so beautiful
Never known a love that burns so pure
A life of such humility,
Though Son, and heir of all
Ending in the greatest sacrifice

Jesus, you are worthy
Worthy of all worship, love and praise
Jesus, you are worthy
To receive the name above all names

As I gaze upon the wounds
You bore in pain of love
As if for the first time my eyes can see
The hope of all the world
Hangs on this man upon a cross
No other god would bear this shame for me

Though from all eternity
You were the Son of God
You became the servant of the least
Therefore God exalted you
To rule at his right hand
At your name we gladly bow the knee