Jesus, In Your Name (How Sweet The Sound)

Jon Darby

"This song flowed out of a time of personal thankfulness and worship, and is really just a meditation and celebration of the name which (in Wesley's words) is 'life and health and peace'. For some years I wanted to add a third verse about healing, which came together recently. I pray that we'll hear many more new songs over the coming years that use the name of Jesus explicitly." - Jon Darby



Jesus, in your name is mercy
East to West, forgiveness
Freedom from all shame
Saviour, your name is Redeemer
Precious new life-giver
Living Word of God

How sweet the sound of
The name of Jesus
The name by which we’re saved
There’s power in the
Name of Jesus
That triumphed o’er the grave

Jesus, in your name is victory
O’er the powers of darkness
Liberty for all
Let your justice flow like rivers
Righteousness and mercy
Like a never-failing stream

Jesus, in your name is healing
Grace and restoration
Life and health and peace
Jesus, our complete salvation
Comfort and protection
Perfect love revealed

Hallelujah, Jesus reigns
And his throne shall know no end
King of kings, and Lord of lords
And his reign shall be for eternity