‘All for One’
With Roger and Faith Forster, and special guest speakers Stuart Bell, Steve Clifford, Ian Christensen and Jake Isaac. Plus guest worship leader Graham Kendrick.

29 july–4 August at Ashburnham Place, East Sussex
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This year we are joining with other Christian festivals that are celebrating the theme of our ‘oneness’ in Christ. There couldn’t be a more fitting title for Revive than All for One. It reminds us of the wonderful taste of heaven-on-earth that we experience together, young and old, as we worship Jesus. God has always moved in power at Revive and we believe 2017 will be no exception. We are looking forward to seeing more lives changed as we enjoy his presence together!

Our theme of ‘All for One’ is part of a nationwide initiative based on John 17:21 that is bringing together Evangelical festivals and events in 2017.1721 black