We are in a time and season where all ages right through the church are going deeper in worship to Jesus. The ‘Stand in Jesus’ Name’ album captures a sound and a bunch of songs that can resource the church to go deeper TOGETHER. With a mixture of joy, Jesus-centred theology, radical devotion and loads of fun, ‘Stand in Jesus’ Name’ will capture your heart for all-age worship as a powerful and essential part of your church life.

The album brings together really new songs with really old songs and everything in between. The live recording feel is dynamic to hear and alongside fresh arrangements and hi-life beats the multi-cultural beauty of the kingdom shines through. Tracks like Shine Like the Stars and God’s World, God’s Way stand alongside the title track as punchy challenges to authentic Christ-like living. Traditional songs like Cast Your Burdens and We Are Marching bring together young and old in genuine Jesus-centred party style.

UK Worship Leader and Album Producer Ben Trigg writes:

‘We have become increasingly aware of a deep longing for songs that are rich in theology but musically accessible to all-ages. Our hope and prayer is that this album begins to satisfy that longing for the church in the UK with a collection of treasures old and new.’

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The album will be available for streaming, download and physical CD from 16th July.

Streaming and download platforms include; Apple Music (iTunes), Spotify, Amazon Music and YouTube

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