An intensive training course offering a challenging teaching programme together with practical experience of evangelism in London.

Prices are just £105 (residential) or £85 (non-residential). The residential option includes full board, lodgings and travel to outreach. The non-residential option includes lunch, evening meals and travel to outreach.

The Summer Project is based in Forest Hill, with travel to London patches each day.

Step out in faith, gain in confidence and live in the love of Jesus.

It’s seven days packed full of outreach, worship, ministry and teaching, with sessions from Ichthus leaders, including Roger and Faith Forster, and special guests. Deepen your understanding of the theology of mission in the context of a lively church and gain practical experience as faith is translated into action.

Root yourself deeper into God’s Word.

Each weekday morning is made up of three teaching sessions, covering everything from deep but accessible theology to practical workshops. There are times of worship and prayer, and opportunities to be refreshed by the Holy Spirit. Have a look at the sample week below for the kind of subjects we delve into.


Experience different forms of evangelism at open airs, sport sessions and community barbecues, as the week builds towards a big Saturday outreach event. Use your talents and try new things, all the time supported by friendly team leaders.

You can book a residential space to stay on-site at Ichthus House in Forest Hill, or book a non-residential place and travel in to Ichthus House each day.

Please email to get further information on the next dates and forms.

Please return completed printable booking forms to us direct at Summer Project, Ichthus Christian Fellowship, PO Box 74253, London SE23 9EL