For the next three months, we will be honing in on three Biblical prophets with the question that the church has been wrestling with since its earliest days:

How do we reconcile a God of love with the wrath and judgement that seem so prevalent in the prophets?

As we take this deep dive, we hope to sharpen how we understand one of our central convictions: God is Love. The Ichthus training team will be accompanied by guest speakers as we look at Hosea, Jeremiah and John the Baptist

See below forthcoming dates:

6th April session content

Session 1: 9:30am – 11am
This month Sarah Larkin will be helping us dive deeper into the life and ministry of the mysterious prophet, John the Baptist. Was he a priest or a prophet? Where does his calling originate? And how does this man who proclaimed that ‘the chaff will be burned with unquenchable fire’ reveal to us the love of God?

There will also be an opportunity for Q&A to discuss the questions this session may have sparked for you!

We are now kindly asking you to book in and pay your £5 to join online so that we know in advance who is joining us and you even have the option to send in questions ahead of time so the speakers can prepare! Each months session in the series will require a seperate ticket, per person joining (just as if you were in person). Link to purchase ticket will be available a week before each session. New Zoom codes will be emailed to you by 5pm the day before, along with any notes from speakers.


Watch previous Bible Stream teachings below;

How Did Bible School Begin…..

The journey Roger has led us on through the years of Bible School has been totally life-changing for so many of us and has shaped who we are in Christ, our theology and understanding of God! In this new season, Roger will continue bringing us teaching and theology via the Ichthus YouTube channel as and when he is able, but not in the same monthly Bible School format for the moment.

In recognition that Bible School was built around Roger’s unique gifting, anointing and ministry, we have slightly re-branded Bible School and named it Ichthus Bible Stream and will continue on the  first Saturday of every month.

Each Ichthus Bible Stream will be made up of two sessions – the first will still contain in-depth Biblical study, analysis and historical context. The second will be more of an application and practical unpacking of how the content of the first session applies to our lives and the church today. We will still have some guest speakers and the opportunity to engage with live questions and comments.