Radical Christian Living Requires a Radical Theology

Piece your theology together with monthly Saturday morning sessions of inspirational Bible teaching from Roger Forster and guest speakers.

Anyone who wants to go deeper into God’s Word and sharpen their theological understanding will find accessible and applied teaching, that will both stretch the mind and refresh the spirit in the presence of Jesus.

Costing just £5 per morning, Bible School usually takes place on the first Saturday of each month from September to April, 9am–1pm at the Ichthus Prayer House in Forest Hill, London.

Usually we would have a break from Bible School between May and August. However, given how many people are keen to carry on during ‘lockdown’, we wanted to respond! We have also decided to keep Bible School free during this time. For our first online Ichthus Bible School session in April we had 134 households tuning in. It was amazing to see so many people engaging with the Word of God on such a deep level.

Visit our Events page to get dates of future events. If you have missed previous sessions, don’t worry, see below videos and notes to read and download at your leisure.

If you want details how to join our Zoom sessions please email us at admin@ichthus.org.uk

If you would like to give a gift to the Bible School, feel free to click here to make a donation. Thank you in advance.

Roger Forster Bible School – 12th September 2020 

Faith Forster Bible School – 12th September 2020 

Roger Forster Bible School – 6th June 2020 (Session 1)

Roger Forster Bible School – 2nd May 2020

Debbie Laycock Bible School – 6th June 2020 (Session 2)

Roger Forster Bible School – 4th April 2020