Did you just give your life to Jesus?!

Please take a moment to complete this form, and we’ll be in touch with an email to support you in your next steps as a new follower of Jesus.  Let us know how we can support you and whether you prayed this prayer for the first time or whether you have prayed it in the past and have renewed it today.

There’s a big party in heaven right now over your decision. Jesus HAS forgiven you! He is coming back and one day we will meet Him face to face. We’re so excited that you have made this commitment to receive Jesus as your Saviour and Lord. Following Jesus is a great adventure & we want to help you grow in your relationship with him.

Explore the buttons below to find out more about our London based congregations, the Alpha Course or to get in touch, we would love to hear from you and send you a free gospel to support you in your new life with Jesus.

We have also written 3 things below that will help you to continue to follow Jesus:

Find a church – We would encourage you to find a Bible believing, Jesus centered church near you to support you in your journey.  It’s really important that you get to know others who know Jesus so that they can support, encourage and guide you.  If you are in the London area please come along to one of our congregations this Sunday.  Click on the church icon below to find your nearest Ichthus church.  If you are outside of London drop us an email (admin@ichthus.org.uk) and we will try to point you to a good local church.

Read the Bible – The word of God is living and active and can guide you in your everyday life and relationship with Jesus.  If you have a bible we would recommend starting to read one of the eye witness accounts of people who were friends of Jesus when he was on earth.  You can find these books in the New Testament, called Matthew, Mark, Luke & John.  If you don’t have a bible, get in touch with us via the yellow button below and we will send you a gospel.

Try an Alpha Course – Alpha is a course aimed at non Christians and new believers who would like to find out more about Life, Faith and God.  It is a great way to explore your faith, ask questions and find answers in a relaxed and welcoming setting.  Click the blue button below to find out more and visit the website detailing courses happening near you.