‘God is looking for men and women of all ages, races and walks of life to pray, train and work together to take the good news of Jesus into all the world. RadNet gives you this opportunity, but be warned: it will spoil you for everything, but the Kingdom.’

Roger & Faith Forster, Founders of Radical Network in 1982

A Training Programme For Church Planting, Christian Leadership and Teamwork

What Is RadNet (Radical Network)?

A training course aimed at mentoring Spirit-filled, radical leaders into Christian service and ministry. The original Network Training Programme was established in 1982 by Ichthus Christian Fellowship, where we have trained over 400 students. It was relaunched in 2000 as Radical Network and in 2024 simply as RadNet.

The new course will be full time, running from January until July 2024 and will be jam-packed full of teaching, mentoring, hands-on experience, character development and loads more!

RadNet is at the heart of the Ichthus vision, yet the course is not just for people who will go on to lead Ichthus congregations, link churches and outreach projects. We seek to open our doors to those from other church movements and streams who genuinely want to give their lives in the service of Jesus.

What’s Involved?


We are committed to the principle of ‘learning by doing’. This is expressed in:
• ‘Patch Work’ with a local congregation where the student takes some form of leadership responsibility for the year
• Serving in all areas of church life, conferences and special events hosted by Ichthus
• UK and overseas mission team opportunities (costs for trips not incl. in the fee)
• Accompanying mentors on ministry trips
• Leading evangelism teams on the Ichthus Summer Project


In the course of the year, RadNets will:
• Pursue a rich course of theological and biblical study through lectures and discussion groups
• Receive biblical teaching and training on specific leadership issues, gifting and character development
• Attend the monthly Ichthus Bible Stream
• Prepare a spoken presentation with the help and support of their mentor


In addition to leadership and theological mentoring from Ichthus leaders, each RadNet will have:
• A patch mentor, to oversee the development and effectiveness of their work in church life and their outreach into the local community
• A personal mentor, concerned with their general well-being, personal development and growth
• Specialist mentoring where appropriate, providing an opportunity to further develop those who feel God’s calling into a specific ministry, such as worship, pastoral and prayer ministry, evangelism or children’s work


RadNets will share in the life and ministry of Ichthus as a whole by:
• Receiving and serving at celebrations, congregations and cell groups
• Part of the prophetic prayer life of Ichthus, growing in spiritual gifts and discernment

Who Should Apply?

Applicants should be over 21 years of age and have some experience of Christian service and leadership in their church congregation, college group or similar setting. They should also have some working knowledge of the Bible and a willingness to be stretched theologically and experientially.
In addition, RadNets will need a level of Christian commitment and maturity that will help them to cope with pressures, both practical and spiritual, and enable them to engage in the spiritual disciplines of prayer, evangelism and study. Our aim is that the course will prepare them to be breakthrough people in church planting, church growth and Christian discipleship

Dates and Costs

The course runs from the second week of January to the second week of July each year. Mondays are always a day of rest, with a full week off in the middle of the course for everyone and two full weekends off to be worked out at different times for each student.

Non-residential cost: £995

Residential cost: £3995

Costs correct for launch year January 2024

Register Your Interest

If you would like to register your interest to apply for RadNet, please click the link and complete the form



For more information please contact training@ichthus.org.uk