We have all been deeply shocked and horrified to see the huge explosion on Tuesday 4th August at the port in Beirut and to see the subsequent scenes of devastation in Lebanon’s capital city. As Ichthus we have had a long-term involvement, love and commitment to Lebanon and within minutes of the explosion were so thankful to hear that Fouad and the team at JPOP (Jesus Prince of Peace church) were all alive. Fouad who was in the church building when the explosion happened experienced the windows shattering around him said later “I have never seen anything like this in all my life” and reported family members hearing the explosion in Cyprus!

In the initial hours following the explosion time was spent contacting all church members to check to see if they were safe. Some church members have suffered injuries and destruction of property.

While being so thankful to God for the protection of many lives we are all now aware of the terrible rising death toll, huge numbers of injured and the number of people now left homeless. This disaster would challenge any city in the world, but as many realise for Lebanon this comes on top of an economic crisis and Covid crisis in the nation.

Fouad and the church are already out on the streets supporting people and volunteers with water and sandwiches, The team are making plans to provide food for people, help repair and secure properties and help those who need to have support to replace items destroyed. The situation and scale of need is immense but we will continue to stand with the people of Beirut and the church there as they, under huge pressure, show the love and practical care of Jesus.

We have been able to respond immediately with financial support and prayer support. We are also able to continue to send resources out to Fouad and the team on the ground. If you wish to give you can follow this link, which is the quickest way to give at this time.