Get involved with our Pentecost Mission 31st May – 28th June! Read more about the specific dates here.

Here’s a summary of the 5 ways you can make an impact in this Ichthus Mission:

  1. Prayer Walking 

We are encouraging you to get outside and prayer walk your street or neighbourhood. This is a great way to prepare your own heart and a good way to prepare the ground for the Gospel. What kind of things can we be praying for? Pray for the people who live in that street, for the Lord to bless them, and prayer for their hearts to be open to the message of Jesus and our cards / bags of blessing. Ask the Lord to move in people’s lives, for dreams and visions, and for the Holy Spirit to move. For more about prayer walking, please see our training video by Faith Forster.

2. Bags (or Boxes) of Blessing

Our name for the Mission is “A Little Bit of Love”. We are praying that the Lord will use every one of us in Ichthus to share the love and kindness of Jesus in tangible ways, towards people we know, and those we don’t, in our community. Speak to your Congregation Leader if you’d like to find out more about how your congregation is reaching out in your area. You may also want to consider how you could bless people you already know. Here is a suggested list of items to include in a bag or box of blessing.

A Box of Blessing could include essential items such as:

  • UHT Milk
  • Bread
  • Eggs
  • Tea bags
  • Sugar
  • Fruit

A Bag of Blessing could have other items such as:

  • Flowers
  • Chocolates

If it’s a gift to a family, you might want to include some sweets or activities to bless the children.

Or you may want to give the gift of time and help – could you do an odd job, clear a garden, paint a fence etc to bless someone? Be creative, be prayerful and be a blessing!

3. Prayer, Prayer and Prayer!

Billy Graham’s top three tips for evangelism were ‘Prayer, Prayer and Prayer!’ Alongside prayer walking, we want to encourage you to pray for some individuals or families you know. We all know people who don’t yet know Jesus, or who have drifted away from their faith. This is the time to make prayer a priority, and keep lifting people up in prayer. You might want to write a list of a few names and commit to praying for them, by name, on a daily basis. You could set a reminder alarm on your phone. Ask the Lord what you can do to reach out to those people with the love of Jesus. Do they need a bag of blessing? Is there something else you could do at this time to show them you care for them ?

4. Training

To help equip and fuel the Mission, Ichthus will be releasing a short training video each week.

Each session is designed to answer some of the questions we have about how to do evangelism effectively. Look out for details of these from your Congregation Leader and consider how you can put into practice what you are learning. Let’s spur one another on to do the work of evangelism. The Gospel of Jesus really is the hope for changed lives!

5. Inviting on Social Media etc.

Hayley talked about the cards we have made for this mission. This card explains that while our buildings are currently closed, the church is very much alive! It also offers help, and has a space for congregation contact details for people who receive the card and who would like prayer, or a friendly chat if they feel isolated. On the reverse of the card, it details how to watch our three evangelistic live meetings on the Ichthus YouTube channel on Sundays at 6pm. Click here to visit our Youtube page.

We would love you to use these cards with all your outreach during the mission – put them in your Boxes and Bags of Blessing. If you don’t feel confident to talk to people on the doorsteps, the flyer is a very helpful tool. You can download it here to print at home, or ask your Congregation Leader to give you some.

Don’t forget to promote it your Social Media channels! 

Finally let’s use this opportunity to invite folks through Social Media. You might want to use the ‘little bit of love’ logo (click here to download) as your status picture throughout this month. Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel and share this link with everyone!

Remember these evangelistic meetings are aimed at our non-believing friends and are open to all. They will be shorter (40 – 45 mins) and a fantastic opportunity to answer some of the bigger questions we all have as we share the hope of Jesus.