We of Ichthus Christian Fellowship, conscious of our calling to follow Jesus, protest as Jesus would, and does, against racial injustice and violence which was highlighted by the horrific violence inflicted on George Floyd on May 25th in the city of Minneapolis, a black citizen who was accused but who had no trial nor representative to speak for him, and although non-violent himself, was killed by a police officer.

We must protest and call on all true human beings, and all who love Jesus Christ, to stand with us and not ‘walk by on the other side’. We need to show what our God really looks like, who loves us all, and wants us to pray for all human beings to be saved and come to the knowledge of the truth. In addition we must pray for all in authority (1 Tim 2:2) and show love to all our neighbours, and even our enemies.

A part of being a Christian is to weep with those who weep (Rom 12:15), and there are weeping eyes around us in our nation over the injustice and pain that has been experienced by black people over many generations.

People have been treated with disregard and worthlessness, and we cannot let it go by any longer without standing together to say ‘This must not be!’ It is not pleasing to God and we need the church as a whole to speak up.