‘Worship God!’

‘Worship God’ is one of the final commands in the Bible from Revelation 22:9, and it should define everything we do. As the chapter goes on there is the beautiful prayer ‘come’ (22:17), the church and the Holy Spirit welcoming Jesus.

All our church gatherings resonate with songs of worship to Jesus, welcoming the presence of Jesus to come and fill our lives and to bring in His Kingdom on earth. We grow deeper in spiritual agreement as we sing with one voice.

The deeper we go in worship together, the closer we get to Jesus as individuals. Then the ‘song’ of worship that defines our everyday lives grows louder and stronger as the Holy Spirit flows through us.


Worship in Ichthus

Right from the beginning of Ichthus, Roger and Faith have ensured that worship is central to everything we do as a church movement. We use sung worship across the Fellowship in many different ways:

  • We use corporate worship in our congregation meetings on Sundays, and in our monthly celebrations.
  • We incorporate sung worship times into our housegroup meetings.
  • We encourage all age worship and children’s worship! We strongly believe that children and youth can worship and listen to God from a very young age.
  • We use worship during our prayer and intercession times.
  • We prophesy on our instruments. As part of the Ichthus Prayer Community we take time to play out prophetically and listen to God speaking to us (like in 1 Chronicles 25:1).
  • We believe in training and mentoring people in worship leading, and hold these times regularly.
  • We use sung worship as part of street outreach, including marches, ministering to people in need and more. Ichthus was involved in starting March for Jesus and we continue to hold praise marches regularly.

Ichthus has always had a strong history of song writing, from Graham Kendrick in the earlier days of Ichthus and carrying on through until today. We have always seen the Holy Spirit birthing new songs that are significant in the movement and beyond.

For more information please email Henry George who oversees worship in Ichthus: henry.george@ichthus.org.uk

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