Here’s a review from one of the attendees..

“The Youth weekend was a great and inspirational time for all of us. There was youth from all over the different Ichthus congregations, including Crewe and Devon, although most of us came from London.

We arrived on Friday evening, were welcomed by the PGL staff, checked into our rooms, and went straight off to the first worship session. For me, the worship was the highlight of the weekend, because we could all feel the presence of God through these sessions and it was really powerful!

After dinner, we went to the next meeting which was Abi’s talk on Joseph. She talked about how Joseph got a lot of hate from his brothers even to the extent of them trying to kill him, but he still did what he knew was right and kept his faith and trust in God. After this, we went to Café Smooth to socialise and have fun until 11pm. We played Mario Kart, board games, did arts and craft and there was another room to do more worship if you wanted to. After Café Smooth, we all went straight to bed, because we were all so exhausted!

On Saturday there were three options on how you wanted to start you day. With 7.30am devotion, a run, or you could just stay in bed (which is what a lot of people did). There was a good choice for the hot breakfast, like sausages, eggs, hashbrowns, porridge, or a cold option with cereal. The first session of the day started off with worship, and being grouped for the days outdoor events. There were 3 activities, the giant swing, rock climbing and the giant zipline! After we finished the first one, we went straight to lunch, which I was most definitely looking forward to! Lunch finished and we got straight back into our groups to finish the last two events. Once we finished, we could go back to our rooms to change for another choice of activities, take some time to chill out, or join in the football tournament. The tournament was lots of fun!

After dinner we went to the last session of the day.  There was an inspiring talk from Kadeem and time for response and more worship, where you could go and get prayed for, or you could just worship. I felt Gods presence the most in this meeting, as I saw people on their knees in tears, or had their hands up in worship. It was really moving.

We finished the evening back at Café Smooth again and then went to get ready for bed. At about 12:30am the fire alarm went off! We all rushed outside in our pyjamas and had to stand outside in the freezing cold as they checked what set it off. After being outside for about what felt like an hour we went back to bed.

This weekend brought me a lot closer to God and has changed the way I act after leaving. I’ve felt inspired to do more things that will help more people to get to know God. This was a very inspiring time which I can’t wait to happen again and spend more time with people that have the same love and desire for God that I do!”