Chapter 12-14

Date: 12/03/2000 ()

Bible Text: Luke 12:1-14:35 |


In Luke 12 Roger focuses on three parables (v35-48) about watching and waiting for Jesus's coming, which exhort us to spiritual readiness.
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Chapter 2

Date: 18/09/2014 ()

Bible Text: Luke 2:1-52 |


Roger takes an in-depth look at Luke 2. We investigate the controversy around Luke's historicity and Quirinius mentioned here. Then we look
Chapter 22021-02-08T12:36:46+00:00

Chapter 4-6

Date: 12/02/2000 ()

Bible Text: Luke 4:14-6:16 |


Roger looks at Luke 4-6:16, beginning with two stories where Jesus travels to Nazareth and declares his kingdom manifesto, and then to
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Justice Passages

Date: 24/01/2007 ()

Bible Text: Luke 4:1-7:50, Isaiah 58:1-62:12 |


In this session Roger looks at the 'justice passages' in Isaiah 58-62, that Jesus then applies in Luke 4-7. Isaiah 58 emphasises
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