Prayers For The Ukraine

We are devastated about the events that have unfolded in Ukraine across the last fortnight. We have been praying about it in our weekly prayer community, and also in our congregation meetings. However, we would like to dedicate a whole day of fasting and use the evening online prayer meeting to specifically focus on praying for the situation in Ukraine, for the people who have lost loved ones, for the tragic violence that has swept across the nation and for those who are suffering. We pray the Lord will miraculously sustain the Christians in Ukraine and help them to reach out to those in desperation at this time. We believe that God hates war and we pray a peaceful swift resolution and a halt to the fighting. We believe in the power of prayer, and that in the midst of this devastation, God can intervene. Please do join us on Thursday at 8pm on Zoom. We will be using the usual Prayer Zoom codes – please contact your congregation leader if you do not have them, or get in touch with Ichthus Office by ringing 020 8694 7171 or emailing